Airport Cleaners Vacancies We are looking for a skilled Cleaner to take care of facilities and carry out cleaning and maintenance duties at the airport. The successful candidate will ensure to keep the airport building clean and orderly condition daily. 

Duties Carry out heavy cleansing tasks and special projects Perform and document routine inspection and maintenance activities Clean, stock and supply designated facility areas (dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning ceiling vents, restroom cleaning Stock and maintain supply rooms Make adjustments and minor repairs Notify management of occurring deficiencies or needs for repairs Follow all health and safety regulations Cooperate with the rest of the staff Skills Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and supplies| Familiarity with Material Safety Data Sheets.

Ability to handle heavy equipment and machinery Proven working experience as a cleaner

 Integrity Candidates with experience can also apply but they must be dedicated workers cleaners Grade 9-12 Interested candidate should apply by forwarding up to date CVS to us now to apply now when offer us still available Airport Cleaners Vacancies

Home SweepStars are domestic workers who clean INSIDE the home and traditionally do laundry, mopping and general home cleaning.

Outdoor SweepStars work OUTSIDE the home in the garden, painting, cleaning the pool, washing the car, etc.

The application form must be completed from your OWN mobile device


 Have you worked in someone’s private home as a domestic cleaner for 2 years or more?

 Do you have a smartphone? Can it run WhatsApp?

 Do you have a clean criminal record?

 If you are not South African, do you have a work permit, a refugee ID or residency? (We do not accept asylum documents.)

how to apply this opportunity

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