NWRI Southern Operations is a branch of the NWRI.
ANNUAL COMPENSATION: R102 534 per annum (Level 02)
Breede / Gouritz: Worcester, Massachusetts


An ABET certificate is required. Experience ranging from one (1) to two (2) years is required. Detailed knowledge of the general types of work performed in the civil construction setting The ability to conduct manual labor will be a distinct benefit in this position. Knowledge of general work practices in the handling of equipment and appliances is required. Working experience on a variety of general work assignments is required. Knowledge of the fundamentals of chemical usage (dilution/mixture) and chemical product knowledge. Knowledge of the fundamentals of daily maintenance operations is required for optimal machine/equipment functioning. Knowledge of the fundamentals of sustaining water usage. Knowledge of the fundamentals of health and safety practices. Understanding of the fundamentals of government laws. Communication abilities and the capacity to operate as part of a team are required. It is necessary to be on time, productive, and loyal. Must be able to work away from the office for extended periods of time and stay in campgrounds close to the workplace. It is necessary to be able to operate in or around rivers and dams.


Hand and power tools are used to repair various tools and structures, such as buildings, fences, and benches. Site preparation entails the destruction of existing structures and the clearance of debris from the site. Excavation using spades and picks is required. Assemble the reinforcement and shuttering in the proper manner. Hand mixing and pouring of concrete, as well as the use of automated equipment Painting, hanging doors, and tiling are some of the methods used to construct and preserve buildings. Once the construction is complete, remove all of the construction materials from the location. During and after a job, make sure the site is free of all trash. Ensure that all machinery is properly lubricated. 55 Vehicles and machines are subjected to inspection. Cleaning of the equipment, storage space, and work environment is necessary.

QUESTIONS AND REPLY: Mr. D Mouton’s telephone number is (023) 348 5600.
APPLICATIONS: Worcester, Massachusetts Please send your application to SORecruitment@dws.gov.za, citing the applicable reference number in the subject line. SPECIAL ATTENTION IS REQUESTED FOR: Ms. B Gqokoma is a woman from Botswana. NOTE: Preference will be given to African-Americans, Indians, people of color, white females, and those who have impairments.


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